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Have u tried our WouWou Ginger Shampoo ? It helps to improve the quality of your hair, unblock hair follicles and stimulate hair growth! 

✅ Oil Control

✅ No Silicone Oil

✅ Anti-Hair Loss

✅ Promotes Hair Growth

✅ Itchy Scalp

✅ Anti-Dandruff

✅ Cleansed Scalp Effectively

~highly concentrated equivalent to three bottles of normal shampoo

~40% of the shampoo is made up of 100% pure extracted Fengjiang juice as there are other ingredients needed to make shampoo

Best for sensitive scalp and safe for everyone! Say BYE BYE to dull, lifeless, oily, dry, damaged and split ends hair Breakages! Suitable for breastfeeding moms, pregnant women and children too! Start your healthy hair today‼️ 


Wouwou Ginger shampoo Main Ingredients and Benefits

1) Avocado oil - Rejuvenate & soothe our scalp with its rich source of proteins, amino acids & vitamins

2) Jojoba oil - Moisturize hair follicles. Promotes reproduction of hair cells at rapid pace.

3) Pure Ginger extract - cleanses scalp, prevent hair loss, stimulates hair growth

4) Wheat Grain Protein: Repairs damaged hair as it comprises of fatty acids & squalene.